Effective presentations pay big dividends—for your team and your career—by inspiring, informing, or persuading your audience. By knowing how to craft a clear and compelling message, design engaging slides, and deliver with confidence, you’ll give a top-notch presentation time and again.

Learn how to...

  • Plan key elements of your presentation by identifying your goal, your core message, your audience’s needs, and the setting
  • Choose the best information to support your message and present it in the most effective format
  • Use design principles to create clear, visually appealing slides
  • Present quantitative and qualitative data in visual form, and tell compelling stories with your data
  • Prepare for and practice delivering your presentation while managing any anxiety you may feel
  • Deliver strong presentations and extract lessons learned from the process


  • Plan Your Best Presentation. 16 minutes
  • Structure a Persuasive Presentation. 16 minutes
  • Design Engaging Slides. 15 minutes
  • Present Data with Impact. 16 minutes
  • Prepare to Present with Confidence. 13 minutes
  • Deliver a Memorable Presentation. 19 minutes


Test your understanding and reinforce what you’ve learned. 10 minutes