Hindi Survival course

  • Wednesday 6-8PM
  • 10 hours (5 X 2 hours sessions)
  • Video conferencing (Zoom)
  • Course Fee: $220 ($22 per hour)

Previous knowledge required: none. This course is suitable for absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of Hindi.

Course focus: conversation (speaking skills).

Course content:

Introducing Self and Others

• Greetings and leave taking

• Asking/Giving some personal details

• Describing family members

• Asking for/Giving phone numbers

• Asking/Stating age

Tourism and Travel

• Asking/Giving basic directions

• Describing weather

• Planning and inviting


• Describing routines and sports/hobbies

• Asking/Telling time

• Asking about/Expressing likes, dislikes

• Describing some sports and hobbies

Food and Drinks

• Identifying essential food and drinks

• Asking for/Buying items

• Expressing quantities

• Asking/Telling prices


• Dining

• Shopping

• Using transport

Certification: Statement of Attendance is available upon request for students who have attended at least 75% of the course.